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Why Aquarian?

Here are the best bits of our impressive service

We’ve always been proudly independent, being independent means we can be bold, open to fresh ideas and have the flexibility to customise every project to suit you.
With Aquarian you get brilliance built in. The benefits we bring to your project are all rooted in working more intelligently, using quality systems and components for streamlined construction and better performing buildings.
When things work, they don’t need changing but we believe that improvements flow when we are at our most intelligent and inventive
We know what we know and learn what we need to learn to ensure our specialist knowledge is utilised for the benefit of colleagues, clients and suppliers
Loyalty does not come from the contract but from the heart. The strongest relationships are formed with a win-win attitude when we and our supply chain partner work together to find a long-term, mutually acceptable solution.
We’re dependable. You can count on us to deliver materials to an agreed schedule and provide appropriate technical & commercial advice when you need it.

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Gebrik Build Up

Gebrik Benefits

These are the benefits of the Gebrik Insulating Brick Cladding System
  •   Traditional brick appearance

  •   Durable & Waterproof

  •   Reduction of scaffolding

  •   BBA Certified

  •   Off-site manufactured system

  •   Lightweight

  •   Reduction of deliveries & Storage

  •   Thermal properties

  •   Extensive choice of finishes

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