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Piterak Slim Technical Information

Technical Guide on how to install Piterak Slim

Fixing System

The cladding process based on double-wall terracotta products with a horizontal overlap, held using special clips, to a vertical steel framework secured to the main structure, with insulation fitted behind the framework. The vertical framework profiles run along the vertical joints and protect the insulation and supporting wall and acts as a guide for water running off.

There are various accessories not supplied by us (in italics in the diagrams): thermal insulation, fixing brackets, steel or PVC profiles for flashings and various finishes, as well as various screws and fixing anchors.


Piterak® Slim installations must comply with CSTB Technical Approval no. 2/10-1403. Fitting to a concrete or masonry support covered with a vertical framework must comply with the rules in CSTB specifi cations nos. 3194/3586 (metal framework, with restrictions on use), including the allowance of an air gap of a minimum of 2 cm. The framework is made up of special
aluminum profi les, fi tted to standard fi xing brackets or special yokes. The brackets are fitted beforehand in a staggered pattern on either side of the profile. The layout of these fixings, not supplied by us, must be as required by the project’s engineer of record taking into account thermal and mechanical requirements (strength of the anchors, wind, and applicable seismic conditions).
Piterak® Slim products are fitted from the bottom upwards; the bottom of each Piterak® Slim product is located into pre-fitted bottom clips, and then pushed back against the profi les. Before screwing the upper clips into the profile, using two self-tapping 5.5 mm stainless steel pan head screws, the clips must be height adjusted in accordance with the spacing gauge and offset sideways against the positioning lug on the side of the support surface in question. The clips grip the top of the product with a spring effect but allow a sideways adjustment to ensure an even 10 to 20 mm vertical joint. Uniformity of the horizontal joint, 12 mm (±2 mm),
is ensured by use of the spacing gauge. Piterak® Slim may easily be cut vertically at critical points (approx. 20 cm minimum), or horizontally (at the edge of a cell) using a diamond-tipped saw, lubricated with water.
  • Under Technical Assessment no. 2/10-1429.
  • Substrate type : Concrete wall, coated masonry, masonry, framed walls.
  • Primary framework : Metal
  • Panels installed with clips on a metal or timber vertical framework fixed to the wall.
  • The vertical uprights are aligned with the open joints. Their shape drains rainwater in order to protect both the wall and the insulation.
  • Very simple to replace one broken panel.
  • Air gap for ventilation : minimum 20mm.
  • 45° mitre cut available from factory.
  • Seismic performance : Approved in zones 4, for buildings types II, with insulation up to 100 mm.
  • Frost resistance : Complies with standard nF En 539-2
  • Worldwide compliance and testing certificates have been achieved
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Standard Fit

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Direct Fit

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Wall Base & Parapet Detail

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Corner Detail

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Window Frame

Flush with outside wall

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Window Frame

Flush with inside wall

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