Zephir Evolution

Zephir® Evolution is a cost-effective wall cladding solution placed on horizontal rails, with a vertical rail with EPdM gasket option also available. Its simple and fast fixing system combined with its light weight and its flexibility make it particularly well adapted for renovation works. Its modern and linear look is emphazised by its length, which can reach 120cm.

Economical and light: 35kg/m²
Fast and simple installation on rails
Vertical framework centre spacing up to 120cm
Easy cuts made on site

Piterak XS

Piterak® XS is a cost-effective ventilated wall cladding product installed with clips fixed to vertical profiles. Its light weight allows for easy handling on site and reduced transportation costs. Aesthetical and modern, Piterak® XS is available up to 120cm-long.

Cost-effective double skin cladding
Incomparable lightness (30kg/m²)
Optimisation of the transport cost (size and weight)
Simple and fast installation using clips

Piterak Slim

Piterak® Slim is a large format terracotta cladding system with overlapping horizontal joints. It is installed with clips fixed on vertical profiles. used with the V-Clip® system from LABEL Façade, it is officially approved for vertical installation. Piterak® Slim is tough, rated Q4 for impact resistance, and can be used at ground level even in public spaces.

Many customization possibilities : colours, finishes, shapes, sizes
Choice of installation : horizontal, vertical
Simple and fast installation using clips
high impact performance : for installation at ground level


Maestral® is a wall cladding system with a unique look. The open horizontal joints and rounded edges break with the traditional straight lines of wall cladding to bring shape and depth to façades. Mounted with clips fixed to vertical profiles, it can be installed horizontally or vertically on flat or curved walls, in various patterns: stacked, staggered, or with open joints.

unique aesthetics bringing shape and depth to the façade
Length up to 150cm
Flexible installation : horizontal, vertical, linear, staggered
Simple and fast installation using clips

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