Aquarian Approved Installer Network Policy

General Introduction
The Gebrik Insulating Brick Cladding System, as manufactured by Isosystems AG, has been in use since 1980, during which time it has been widely used throughout Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Ukraine and, since 2007, has been distributed exclusively throughout the United Kingdom by Aquarian Cladding Systems (ACS).

The system is certified for use by UBAtc, CSTC and BBA and is provided with a 10-year insurance-backed Product Warranty.  As a result of independent assessment, its design life is deemed to be a minimum of 60 years, provided close attention is paid to the design and installation of the system.

Gebrik is supplied exclusively throughout the UK by ACS and can only be purchased by specialist cladding contractors who will manage the cladding package on a sub-contract basis to the main constructor and have an agreed credit facility with ACS that is appropriate for the project value and programme.

Upon request, a selected list of specialist cladding contractors will be submitted by ACS to the main constructor. The list will be based on an assessment by ACS of matching the project information provided by the main constructor with information provided by the specialist cladding company.

Only specialist cladding contractors who have provided ACS with the following information will be included:

  •           • Contact information
  •           • Preferred geographic area
  •           • Preferred scope of work
  •           • Preferred minimum and maximum contract values
  •           • Quality Approvals/Certifications/Accreditations
  •           • Insurance details
  •           • Design provision
  •           • Sufficient credit facility for the programme and project value.

The appointed specialist cladding contractor must either:

• directly employ or sub-contract installers and supervisors who have been trained and approved by ACS to install the Gebrik system

• undertake to comply with the ACS application procedure, containing the requirements for each application team to include at least one approved installer and supervisor per 4-man team, subject to at least one inspection per annum by ACS.

The main constructor will appoint and manage the cladding company so it is their responsibility to satisfy themselves that the appointed company can demonstrate that they employ (either directly or indirectly) approved installers and ensure the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. ACS has no influence over the companies on the list so the information provided by ACS should not be interpreted as an endorsement by ACS.

ACS can provide additional guidance and quality control support upon request however it accepts no responsibility for the appointment, management, performance, safety, conduct and financial performance of the appointed cladding contractor and its installers.

Approved Installer Process
For the product warranty and certification to be valid, installation of Gebrik can only be carried out by approved installers recommended or recognised by ACS. It is therefore imperative that all stakeholders are satisfied that Gebrik will be installed by approved installers and managed by an approved supervisor in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

To become approved, a Gebrik installer or supervisor must:

  1. Have received training from either:
  •           • ACS
  •           • Another approved Gebrik installer or Gebrik supervisor
  1. Register online with ACS, providing the following information:
  •           • Full name
  •           • Passport-type photo
  •           • Company name
  •           • Contact details including email and postal address
  •           • List of projects completed using Gebrik
  1. Have completed an online Installation Questionnaire via a password-protected portal on the ACS website
  2. Have completed an online Code of Conduct Declaration

Once the 4-step approval process has been completed, ACS will issue one of the following:

  •          • Installer                              Blue plastic card with passport-style photo
  •          • Supervisor/Manager            Green plastic card with passport-style photo
Following approval, an installer is entitled to claim Aquarian Cladding Approved Gebrik Installer status and whilst the installer remains approved they may use a logo provided by ACS on their own documentation, letterheads, promotional material and advertising. They will also have access to an online forum where communication on installation can be shared

Where a main constructor is dissatisfied with the work carried out by an Approved Installer, they should first seek to resolve the complaint with the cladding contractor. If the complaint remains unresolved, the main constructor should contact ACS to report the complaint. ACS will provide assistance to resolve any issues and if, in the opinion of ACS, the complaint is justified and remains unresolved it will be noted against the cladding contractors record.

In the event of the following forms of complaint, approved installer status will be removed immediately:
  •           • If a complaint is considered sufficiently serious and potentially damaging to the reputation of ACS, Isosystems and the Approved Installer Network
  •           • An installer has more than three unresolved complaints per annum
  •           • A supervisor has more than three unresolved complaints per annum
  •           • A company has more than three unresolved complaints per annum
The purpose of the approval process is for the installer and/or supervisor to demonstrate to ACS that they understand the principles of the Gebrik system and their commitment to safely install it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and independent testing and certification.

Before a cladding contractor is appointed, the main constructor should carry out their own due diligence as Aquarian Cladding Systems Ltd and Isosystems AG does not accept any liability for loss of profits, loss of sales or business, loss of agreements or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of use or corruption of software, data or information, loss of damage to goodwill, and any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever.

Responsibility for the financial stability, design, management of the cladding company and any work undertaken on site by an Aquarian Cladding Approved Gebrik Installer or Supervisor remains with that installer, supervisor or company under the management of the appointing constructor.

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