Shamal Technical Information

Technical Guide on how to install Shamal Sunscreen

Support System

The Shamal ® fixing system includes the Equipped Shamal® elements and the dedicated, spaced vertical support profiles. These dedicated vertical support profiles easily and properly position the assembled Shamal® sunscreens. They allow any orientation around the axis, and offer two possible Shamal® row
spacing values (200mm or 300mm). Orientation is set at installation and does not allow changes to the rotation angle; this feature preserves the sunscreen’s cohesion and keeps the products in place.
Equipped Shamal ® 14 and Shamal ® 20 are shipped pre-assembled by Terreal. They include a Shamal ® terracotta baguette equipped with metal and rubber components and can be installed directly on a vertical framework that is also available from Aquarian.
Installing Equipped Shamal ® on site is very easy, thanks to the system’s dedicated notched profiles. These profiles are fixed to the wall using brackets or double brackets. Their position relative to each other and their verticality must comply with codes for installing wall cladding.
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Fixing Kit Components

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The 2.995m-long Shamal ® vertical support profiles are available in field vertical profiles (perforations on both sides) and termination vertical profiles (perforation on one side) that receive the positioning bolt of the Shamal ® suspension brackets. Each vertical profile is shipped with a finishing trim for installation on the front before the sunscreen elements are secured in place.

Installation Details

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Fixing System Dimensions

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